Friday, 23 October 2020

Double your pleasure, double your fun with double knitting in Wool Pop

This week on KNITmuch, I'm knitting with Universal YarnWool Pop. This DK weight yarn is a blend of  bamboo, superwash wool and polymide that has a heathery sheen and subtle halo.

Blend of Bamboo, Superwash Wool, and Polymide in DK weight.
Universal Yarn Wool Pop in colours Silken and Graphite


I enjoyed working with this yarn, and I'm very pleased with the results. When knitted up, the fabric has a lovely drape, and the ease of laundering makes this a multi seasonal, and easy to care for yarn. I actually put the hat and scarf through a delicate wash and medium 30 minute dryer cycle. Since both of these projects are double thickness, 30 minutes left both items slightly damp. I then laid both flat to finish drying. 

Here are the links to this week's story on


Double knit hat & scarf, and seamed sweater
Completed ensemble knit with Wool Pop

  1. Multi-seasonal knitting with Wool Pop 

  2. Wool Pop: the fabric drape is determined by the swatch

  3. The importance of gauge when knitting a sweater

  4. Double your pleasure with a reversible knitted scarf

  5. Double your fun with a matching reversible knitted hat


I hope you enjoy the posts. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Summer Knits with Cottony Soft Waves of Colour

This week on KNITmuch, I'm knitting with Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme Waves. For those of you that know me personally, you also know that I'm not all that crazy about knitting with 100% cotton, but I really did enjoy working with this yarn.
Cotton Supreme Waves in Heliotrope, Lagoon, and Equator

The projects that I selected for this week show off the long colour runs and I'm genuinely pleased with the results. You can link to the different posts here. I'll update the link for each day's post as it is published.
  1. Knitting with Cotton Supreme Waves
  2. Swatches - what does Cotton Supreme Waves look like in 3 needle sizes?
  3. Making a summertime Tee with waves of color
  4. What to know about knitting an oversized wrap with Cotton Supreme Waves
  5. Weaving a color block baby blanket with Cotton Supreme Waves
Yes, you read #5 (Friday's Post) correctly, one of the projects involved weaving on my 28" Ashford Knitters Loom.  As I mentioned above, I'm very pleased with the results for the week. Check out the details on

My finished projects for the week.

Lagoon Wrap made with Cotton Supreme Waves

Monday, 13 January 2020

Combating those winter blues with Merino Mist

Happy New Year!

This week on Knitmuch, be sure catch my article that features knitting with Merino Mist from Rozetti Yarns.

Merino Mist from Rozetti Yarns
I'll be making a top down yoke sweater, a 2 colour brioche cowl, and a pair of removable sleeves. What are removable sleeves you ask? Well, you'll have to wait until Friday to find out.

Just follow the links below to the article posted each day for the balance of the week.

  1. Combating the winter blues with Merino Mist yarn
  2. 3 Swatches determine the best knit fabric
  3. Knitting the Jay Sweater in Merino Mist for a perfect fit
  4. Making a simple cowl glamorous using Merino Mist yarn
  5. Soft and cozy arm warmers complete the Merino Mist winter wear trio

The completed projects using Merino Mist

I hope you enjoy. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Adding personal touches to stock patterns using Fibra Natura Lina

This week on KNITmuch, I will be using Fibra Natura Lina to knit up three different summertime garments, all with my own personal touch.

Adding a personal touch to your knitwear makes it unique to you, and means you shouldn't run into a duplicate at your local fibre festival.

  1. Summertime with Fibra Natura Lina yarn 

  2. You can achieve gauge without knitting tightly

  3. How to alter a knitted pattern to add a personal touch

  4. Customizing the Miss Molly Tee knitted pattern using Lina yarn

  5. Knitting a loose fitting cardi from a poncho pattern 

Happy Knitting! 

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

KNITmuch Post Available

This week, my article for KNITmuch is up and running, where I am reviewing Red Heart Baby Hugs Medium. These projects were a lot of fun, and produced some really cool finished products.

I hope you will follow the links to each day, especially today's article about knitting the perfect little red dress.

  1. Knitting with Baby Hugs Medium
  2. Knitting with Baby Hugs - the Swatch Challenge 
  3. Knitting the perfect little red dress. 
  4. Knitting a hat that looks complicated but is so simple
  5. A sensational cowl knitted flat instead of in the round

Stay tuned for links to the remaining posts ....

All the posts are up and available. I hope you enjoy.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Tis the Season for Yarn Festivals

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to Frolic we go!  
We knit, knit, knit all winter long, The stash is running low.

Yes! The yarn and fibre festival season is upon us, kicking off with the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic on Saturday April 27th, and ending with the WoodstockFleece Festival (aka Woolstock) on Saturday October 19th.  Pace yourself, it’s a long season.

It’s important that you prepare yourself so that your stash and bank account are not overwhelmed by the end of the season.   Keep focused; you are seeking out vendors that have unique products that are not easily sourced in your own turf, or an absolute bargain that just can't be left behind.

Preparation Steps


Step 1:  Take Stock of What You Have

Although my stash is comprised of all weights and colours of yarn, I have a weakness for fingering weight, especially those from independent dyers.  I suggest that you pull out your stash, weight by weight, and take stock.  If you are concerned about your other half actually seeing how much you have, send them on an errand to Home Depot or Canadian Tire, or a similar happy place that will keep them out of the house for awhile.

I pulled out all the easily found fingering weight yarn, not including yarn designated for socks, and took a picture.  I say easily because, when I looked at the photo later, I realized that some things were missing.

The back row of this photo includes lace weight yarns, which is also a weakness of mine.  This will serve as a reminder to me of how much I already have, but also what colours I don't have.  If you are trying to find a specific colour to pair up with a stash skein, take it with you so there is no guessing.  Colour changes with lighting, so make sure the colours match up at time of purchase.
Also, take stock of Buyer’s Remorse items.  These are the impulse purchases that were made previously and now you wonder; why did I buy that?

Step 2:  Know the Quantity Needed by Weight

Do your research in advance for the amount of yarn needed for projects.  If shopping for project specific yarns, take the pattern with you to make sure you are buying a sufficient amount to complete the project.  This is extremely important when you come across a bargain that you just cannot refuse.  Remember, it’s only a bargain if there is enough to complete a project, or it pairs up nicely with a previous bargain stash item where you are shy a few hundred yards to do anything tangible (refer back to Step 1).

Step 3:  Budget

The best way to stay on budget is to take cash and leave your credit/debit card at home.  Yeah right.  It’s good advice, but get realistic, that’s not going to happen.  I do take cash, but keep the credit card close at hand; just in case.

Step 4:  Choose Your Shopping Companion Wisely

Shopping with an enabler can be deadly.  If you enable each other, then you better have enough trunk space for all your purchases.  Make a pact with your buddy and talk each other down when impulse starts to take over.

Ok, prep steps are done, it’s time to Frolic! 

Event Rules


Rule 1 – Do Not Buy the First Thing You See!!!!

Resist the temptation, no matter how much it takes your breath away!  I guarantee that if you walk a few steps more, you will see something else that is equally breathtaking.  This can definitely lead to buyer’s remorse later on.

I must tell the story of Annette at Woolstock.  This was Annette’s first yarn fair and she had expressed concern of being out of control at a venue such as this.  Before exiting the car, we had a pep talk to reinforce the mission – to seek out unique products not readily available to us at our local yarn stores, and/or to source absolute bargains.  In the line to pay our admission, Annette spied a display for a pattern book to make a Canadian province blanket.  She gasped, jumped out of the entrance line and hopped into the queue to purchase the pattern book.  We had yet to enter the vendor marketplace and Annette had already made her first purchase!  We had fun a lot of fun that day.

Rule 2 – Remember Preparation Steps 1 – 4

Is it the right colour?  Is there enough to make that sweater?  Can I purchase this yarn locally?  Will I listen to my friend when they try to talk me down?  Is it so special that I don't care about steps 1 – 4?  Did my credit card get approved?

Post Festival

After an exhausting day at the marketplace, it’s time to sit down and relax in the lounge, pull out your purchases, and compare finds.  Ooh and aah as you take in the loveliness of the colour and texture.  They are treasures that you cannot wait to start knitting. What's this? A yarn tasting table - a cornucopia of lovely fibres. Ooh, how delicious. I've got to get some of that, so back to the marketplace we go, but remember Rule #2 ... or not. After all, you are on a mission.

Now, book your calendars for the next event -- The Prince Edward Country Fibrefest is only a month away. 

As soon as you get home, unpack your treasures, add them to the stash and repeat preparation step 1 in readiness for the next one.  Now relax, pour a glass of wine, and start knitting!

Now, wasn’t that easy?  Have fun and see you at the Frolic!